Atomico webcomponets

Atomico simplifies learning, workflow, and maintenance when creating webcomponents.

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Atomico is light

Atomico has a total size of 3 kB that includes webcomponents, renders, hooks and a unique approach when solving interfaces.

Designed for webcomponents

Just imagine that the selector CSS :host is now a tag valid to associate events, methods, attributes or properties from the template with Atomico that's possible!

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Declare use of ShadowDOM

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Functional methods

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Listen to events from the host

Functional behavior

Atomico is inspired by the functional behavior of React, managing to apply the use of hooks to compose reusable logic for the webcomponent.

In Atomico the methods, properties or events of your webcomponent can be controlled without the need to know the context(this), eliminating the leverage of "this" from the code.

In Atomico Icon no this is an antipatron

Reactive properties

Easily declare reactive properties of the webcomponent using simple structures to associate strict types, default values or automatically emit events when the property changes.

Atomico efficiently handles DOM updates through a webcomponents own task queue

The prop system allows you to buy properties without the need to externder a class